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Meet our talented team of experienced real estate professionals dedicated to providing exceptional service in the UK market. We are committed to guiding our clients through every step of their property journey with integrity and expertise.

Mariyam Menon

Mariyam Menon is a highly skilled and dedicated real estate administrative manager with over 5 years of experience in the industry. Currently serving as a Real Estate Administrative Manager at a reputable firm, she brings a strong passion for providing exceptional support and ensuring smooth operations within the real estate sector. With her keen organizational abilities and meticulous attention to detail, Mariyam plays a vital role in streamlining administrative processes and maximizing efficiency.

In her role, Mariyam oversees a wide range of administrative tasks essential to real estate operations. This includes managing documents, scheduling appointments, coordinating property showings, preparing contracts and leases, and handling client communications. She is proficient in utilizing real estate management software and databases to maintain accurate records and facilitate streamlined workflows. Mariyam’s ability to handle multiple responsibilities with ease allows her to effectively support the needs of the real estate team.

One of Mariyam’s key strengths lies in her exceptional customer service skills. She is adept at managing client inquiries, promptly addressing concerns, and providing relevant information. Her dedication to delivering excellent service contributes to overall client satisfaction and strengthens relationships. Additionally, Mariyam’s knowledge of real estate regulations and requirements ensures compliance with legal and industry standards. She is experienced in maintaining and updating necessary documentation to facilitate smooth transactions.

As a Real Estate Administrative Manager, Mariyam takes pride in her role as a team coordinator. She efficiently supervises administrative staff, delegates tasks, and fosters collaboration among team members. By implementing efficient filing systems and organizing paperwork, she optimizes accessibility and retrieval of critical documents. Mariyam also collaborates with other departments, such as finance and marketing, to support cross-functional initiatives and achieve organizational goal